Alueellisen energia- ja ilmastotyön edistäminen Keski-Suomessa


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Collaborating to achieve goals – a team game

Through network co-operation, our versatile team of experts can offer a broad range of services in the rapidly expanding bioenergy market. The Benet Bioenergy Network includes individuals and organizations with special expertise in agriculture and forestry, biomass processing, energy production technology, plant engineering, energy markets, business development and training. Founded in 1997, the Benet network has operated for over 10 years and implemented over 50 international joint projects. Currently we have 6 independent expert organizations as members.

Central Finland is a forerunner in bioenergy. We are one of the leading regions in Europe with a 63 % share of renewable biomass in heat and power production (81 % when peat is included). Energy from biomass is business as usual, employing hundreds of persons in fuel supply and power and heating plants. In practice, all town centers and industries in Central Finland have biomass fuelled CHP or heating plants. This has been achieved through strong research and development activity and with decades of experience working in bioenergy production. This experience and strong knowledge base has made our region a centre of expertise for every step in the bioenergy production chain. This expertise has been utilized on many continents to begin new bioenergy projects.